Who is going to reprise KCR in the biopic ?

kcrAfter the recent announcements by Tollywood filmmakers, Madhura Sridhar and RGV to make biopics on Telangana Chief minister K.Chandrashekar Rao, there is a lot of excitement in filmy circles as Who is going to reprise KCR in thebiopic ? and What should be his primary qualification?

KCR is not just a politician, he is an iconic personality of Telangana people, who change their lives by standing tall in the Telangana movement till the bifurcation. He was the main protagonist who played a vital role in the formation of India’s youngest 29th State.

KCR’s biopic is the story of the great leader, it’s the story of the decade that revolves around KCR’s life and from his perspective of the struggle.

Now the point here, The actor who will be chosen to reprise KCR should not only have his features(look alike) but also should have a complete knowledge of Telangana and its cause for a separate state. Since KCR’s life is an open book, the casting plays a key role in the success of the film. If the actor is not convincing, the entire project would fail despite good content and message.

While the office of director Madhura Sridhar is receiving calls to know about the KCR’s duplicate. On the other side, RamGopal Varma is concentrating on his Sarkar 3 shooting.  Who will be the lucky filmy KCR? , is still a million Dollar question.