Who is for Rayala-Telangana?

The much-hyped proposal of Rayala-Telangana — a separate state comprising Telangana and parts of Rayalaseema — got the cold shoulder from pro-Telangana activists, with the Telangana political JAC vehemently opposing any such proposal and insisting on a pure Telangana state.

TJAC chairman Prof. Kodandaram said on Thursday that they will not accept inclusion of districts from other regions, and only the 10 Telangana districts with Hyderabad as the capital is acceptable.

In the morning, both BC welfare minister, Mr Basavaraj Saraiah, and government chief whip, Mr Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy, had confirmed that the Central government favours a Rayala-Telangana state and they will accept it. But when Prof. Kodandaram rejected the proposal, Mr Gandra immediately withdrew his statement. Prof Kodandaram said the TJAC will meet on July 7 to chalk out further plans for agitation to press home its demand for a separate Telangana state.