Who is faking Brahmotsavam collections?

brah-reviewThere is lot of confusion when it comes to Mahesh Babu’s film collections, it always happens with the actor as his PRO’s allegedly pumps up collections which are far higher than regular Box Office trackers and announce those collections as official collections.

For instance , Brahmotsavam Nizam Rights were bagged by Abhishek Pictures for 16 Crore. The distribution house announced that the film has collected 8.35 Crore Share in the first week. It means that it has already recovered 50% of investment.

On the other hand , Telangana film exhibitors of the film have written a letter to Telangana State Film Chamber of Commerce that they have lost 80% of their investment of the film and wanted the chamber to take a note of this issue.

This would definitely raise many doubts as at what price the Nizam rights were sold? , Abhishek Pictures really bought for 16 cr or more?, Before release of the film, Abhishek Pictures retweeted an article of English Daily which mentioned that the rights were bought for 21 cr, to bring the star’s stamina comparatively equal to Pawan Kalyan, whose film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh ‘ rights went for 22 Cr in Nizam.

Later , the figure was reduced to 16 cr by Mahesh official Fans themselves to decrease the margin of losses , but with official letter of Telangana film exhibitors, the rights were projected as more than 20 cr to sell the exhibitors for bomb price or elese the distributor might have pumped up the collections.

In ceded too, The difference between regular Box Office trackers figures and the PRO’s collections is around one crore.