Who is behind Gabbar Singh controversy ?

Is there any political conspiracy being worked against the movie Gabbar Singh’? According to the sources the answer is ‘yes’. Just a day ago, one of the distributors of ‘Teenmaar’ movie severely lashed out the producer Ganesh Babu, who is said to be indebted to the distributor for ‘Teenmaar’s losses. Well, we are not going dig the facts whether Ganesh Babu is the culprit in this issue or not.

However, everybody is getting wondered why the distributor stayed calm all these days and why he raised his voice just one week before the release of the movie  Gabbar Singh’. Surprisingly, one of the leaders of opposition party from Vijayawada area has also sought the enquiry on this issue, despite he has no connection with the tollywood. Observers are saying that this is one of the political strategies designed by the opposition party, as they wish to gain maximum benefit on this issue in the forthcoming by-polls.