Who fingered in UKUP ?

It took long time to complete the film’s script. The shooting was progressed for about more than a year. The makers said many times that, as the film is a socio-fantasy it was taking long time. Finally, the movie released today with sky high expectations, but failed to entertain the audience. The film we are talking about is- ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’, starring Manchu Manoj, Balakrishna, Deeksha Seth and Manchu Lakshmi.

Except for last half an hour, there is nothing in the film. It is heard that, when director Sekhar Raja came up with the concept it was good, but as the shooting started Manoj fingered into it which affected the films result. There are too many over action sequences of Manoj and some of are vulgar. Some say that, Manoj should change his mind set. In his Mr. Nookayya also there are too many vulgar scenes. The film is a big disappointment for who waited to watch it for a long time.