Who can take the real credit of GabbarSingh success ?

Who should be given the real credit of Gabbar Singh success ? , Hero Pawan Kalyan ?  Director Harish Shankar ?, Producer Bandla Ganesh ? .  None of them says the true believers of god.

Its Lord Balaji the most power full god on earth as far as Hindus are concerned has showered  his power by his divine  blessing on Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar singh to earn such record breaking collections is the fact, Without Balaji’s blessing the story would have been different . Tirumala Balaji the richest god on earth with record breaking collections for his hundi gave the same fortune to Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh.

At the same time  many may question even Jagan visited tirumala why he is still  facing so many problems ?. Answer is simple …Faith matters.

Pawan Kalyan went to Tirumala before Gabbarsingh music launch offered prayers to lord venkateswara with pure mind and faith, the result is fantastic. Hope even other heroes follow the same trend to get the biggest hits of their carrer .