Which political party is behind Sri Reddy ?

ysrcp-7755Why this sudden outburst of anger towards the Power Star who actually said that he supports Sri Reddy? Is this only emotional? Or is it a political conspiracy?

Critic Kathi Mahesh is a Pro-YSRCP candidate which everyone knows, he has acted in YSRCP election ads in 2014. While actress Sri Reddy claimed she worked for Sakshi media for a period of 2 years. IS it YSRCP political party behind Sri Reddy ?, Yes says reports.

Sri Reddy episode is planned and planted to defame Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who could be a tough competitor for both TDP and YSRCP in coming elections. Since Janasena would definitely criticize the ruling TDP failures in election campaign, the anti-incumbency vote would split between Jagan and Pawan which indirectly benefit TDP. Thus the opposition party’s first target would be to defame Pawan Kalyan personally and assassinate his character.

With the latest photos circulating in social media The person who is with Sri Reddy while she was scolding Pawan Kalyan seems to be a member of YSRCP. She was also spotted with Kathi Mahesh. Another photo of her shows that she was sitting in a chair in YSRCP Avanigadda office and YSRCP coordinator Simhadri Ramesh Babu banner was right back of her.

These proofs are enough to say that YSRCP is mulling political conspiracy against Pawan Kalyan , just to defame him . Interesting fact is that even one of the women activists urged women of AP , not to vote for Pawan Kalyan.