Where is Manchu Manoj ?

manojAfter Marriage, Manchu Manoj seems nowhere , not in pubs, not at events , not even in shootings . Where is this party animal ?.

Manoj has surprised everyone by not attending the promotions of his brother’s Manchu Vishnu’s Dynamite film rather he congratulated Hero Nani for the success of Bhale Bhale Magadivoi film which released on the same day as of Vishnu’s dynamite.

Manoj after marrying with Pranitha Reddy seems to have changed a bit , very Homely . But is there something wrong between Manoj and Vishnu? Before drawing into conclusions , Here is the actual truth.

Manoj is on weight loss program and do not want to reveal his look until he achieves his goal , that’s the reason he is avoiding parties, pubs and events .