Where is anchor Pradeep ?

rp_pradeep-300x300.jpgPopular Telugu TV anchor Pradeep who has been caught in the drunk and drive by the Jubilee Hills police is reportedly absconding.

Jubilee Hill police on the New Year’s Eve caught Pradeep in drunk and drive test on Road No 45. His expensive BMW car was later seized and shifted to a police station. There are reports that many police officers have told that Pradeep may face jail.

The counselling session was conducted by the police for all those were caught in Drunk and Drive test on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, Anchor Pradeep skilled the counselling sessions. Pradeep has been found missing when the police reached his house. He has not even cared for his car.

While Pradeep’s video spreading awareness about drink and drive is going viral on social media. He gave a message to not to Drunk and Drive.

Generally, 50 BMC reading will term one day jail and counselling in the presence of parents. But when Pradeep was caught, the reading appeared to be over 170. In this calculation, anchor Pradeep is more likely to be jailed for more than a day.