Where are the one Lakhs hands ? to set free Jagan

Congress MP V Hanumantha Rao today demanded that Director General of Police must initiate action against YSR Congress party leaders who announced that they would set free their Chief Jagan from Jail by breaking the jail walls with 1 Lakh hands to join in support.

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Hanumantha Rao expressed displeasure against the government for not taking action against YSRC leaders who have publicly said that they would break the Chanchalguda Jail, where its leader was currently lodged in the illeagal assets case against him. The consequence may be serious if the government does not react to the YSRC threat, he cautioned.

Earlier, ‘Raise one hand against Jagan and you’ll notice one lakh hands rising against you’. These are the words of YSR Party leader Ambati Rambabu before the arrest of Jagan. Where are those ‘one lakh’ hands now?.  non of the hands came in support of Jagan even after court rejecting his bail petition.