When Superstar Rajinikanth was mistaken for a beggar

rajinikanthLong back ago, A man went to the temple in Bangalore , he finished his pooja and sat aside of a pillar in Temple. He was with white well grown beard,uncombed hair and in a most common dress and no one looked at him. .

A wealthy woman came into the temple premises and started donating to the beggars. She even donated Rs. 10 to the man sitting beside the pillar. The person who received the note was very quiet. When she saw no reaction from him, she went back into the temple and came out again, she was surprised at the sight. The reason was that the man whom she donated Rs.10 was boarding a most expensive car . She Immediately to the car and asked for forgiveness.

Immediately he said, “You have not done anything wrong.God has taught me the truth thru you .He removed my ego for owning star status and equaled me to a beggar. He told me the blatant truth.” The man thanked the rich lady and went in his car. He is none other than Superstar Rajinikanth who has earned Rs 10 as donation.