When Ramoji Rao rejects RGV as Director

ramojiDirector Ram Gopal Varma posted an essay that he wrote Thirty years ago on Facebook. It’s an article that was published in a English daily owned by Ramoji Rao, Eenadu group chairman. Verma said that he had written to write the article to impress Ramoji Rao who was also a producer . RGV wanted to become a director but Ramoji rao offered him columnist job.

RGV Posted , “The Ideas That Killed 50 Million People” written by RGV. This is an article I wrote some 30 years back for Ramoji Rao’s Newstime paper in the hope of getting an appointment with him to ask for a break as a director because at that time he had come up with some unconventional hits like “Srivariki Premalekha”, “Mayuri” and “Pratighatana”.
So I thought my best chances were with him but the problem was to get access to him. So I came up with a this Idea and wrote an article titled
“The Ideas that killed 50 million people” for his then newspaper called “Newstime”. It got published and then I identified myself to him as the writer of that article and got my appointment with him.
Nothing materialized as he felt that it was not right to give a break to me as a Director considering my complete lack of experience, whereas I was trying to convince him that a Director needs imagination and it’s only technicians who need experience
.He set aside my argument saying that at best he can give me a job as a Columnist in his paper.” (sic)