Whats the reason behind Pawan’s shocking changeover ?

Remember the days when Pawan Kalyan engrossed everyone with his scintillating moves? During Thammudu/Kushi times Pawan Kalyan was undoubtedly one of the most sought after dancer in Telugu Film Industry.Though his dances never offer something out of box, his sophistication and youthful step always made his fans go gaga over his energetic body language.However, for what so ever reasons, his energy at dancing took a declining curve.

Its been ages since Pawan Kalyan has really sweat out in the dances.Especially in his latest outing Panjaa, ‘Paparayudu’ song was boasted as comeback for ‘Kushi’ Pawan Kalyan.However it turned out to be nothing but a disaster.Even in his upcoming Gabbar Singh teaser, the grace is clearly missing in the dances.Even after editing and presenting best possible movements from the title track, they look substandard with no ease from powerstar.

Many wonder what could be the reason behind this shocking changeover.Once a asset, now a biggest weak point.When he can give ‘The Best’ in the fights, why not dances, is it deliberate ignorance from the Pawan or he completely lost it? Looking at the declining graph, it is almost impossible to see Old, Pawan Kalyan for rest of his future.