What happened to director Puri Jagan ?

puriWhat happened to Tollywood director Puri Jagannadh ? Why Puri is behaving with gloomy outlook? .

The answer is very simple, Puri is found of reading books recently he might had read about Australian scientist FRANK FENNER’s theories on Human existence, who said the population keeps growing to seven, eight or nine billion, there will be a lot more wars over food.

Based on his theories Puri tweeted “Humans will be extinct in 100 years due to overcrowding, declining resources and climate change.DR FRANK FENNER”. Due to global nuclear annihilation, total global war, overpopulation, ecological collapse and Meteor impact and large scale volcanism .

However , we cannot believe neither Frank Fenner nor Puri Jagannath, Movie makers can pick up any thing to stay in limelight.