What Dil Raju Earned In Racha Lost In Dammu

Noted producer Dil Raju is also known for his strong distribution network and most of the times, almost all the big films tend to have their distribution rights for the Naizam area taken by him. However, it appears that this summer has brought mixed fortunes for this sharp producer.

Apparently, Dil Raju took Nizam rights of two big movies ‘Rachcha’ and ‘Dammu’. It is heard that with ‘Racha’ he got a whopping 120% returns. But before he could jump in joy, the collections of ‘Dammu’ brought him back to the ground. They could recover only 80% of investment totally, as per sources.

That way, sources say what he earned with ‘Racha’ was lost in ‘Dammu’. But that’s how this business works and Dil Raju is a seasoned player in this. While he may not be much perturbed on this, he would be focusing on how to make up for this loss with his forthcoming movies, that’s for sure.