Websites ratings already fixed for Nannaku Prematho ?

nannaku-premathoManaging citics for good ratings to released movies , is not new in Bollywood, But this kind of culture is rapidly spreading in Tollywood too as most of the audience especially NRI community are relying on website reviews before watching the films.

According to latest Buzz from Filmnagar , JrNtr’s upcoming film ‘Nannaku Prematho’ team are reportedly managing critics by arranging a special screening to them and also a grand lunch .

Sources say, Morning 8am show for critics at Prasads screen2, Followed by lunch at Taj in afternoon , has also been arranged. Except GA all the leading websites already fixed decent ratings for the film.

Sources also say that , Previously Rudramadevi makers managed critics. Zanjeer team managed few reviews in Bollywood too. ANd NTR is one step ahead, has just thrown party.



Source : Twitter handle : @Inside_Infos