Wear Helmet and Carry Licence to avoid Jail

helemet-licence-hyderabadTelanagan governmnet has re-inpmpoletemted Helemet rule in Hyderabad on the directives of Supereme Court.

The Transport Department recently renewed a mandate for compulsory sale of helmets with two-wheelers . Hyderabad traffic police had launched the helmet rule with section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, which makes it mandatory to wear helmet.

Hyderabad traffic police taken up the drive to check Helmet and License of vehicle owners as Helmet & Licence becomes compulsory to come onto roads with two wheelers.

A fine of 100 would be slapped if the commuter doesn’t have a helmet , on other side, if the commuter does not carry a valid driving licence ,  A case will be slapped against him and will be sent to jail for one day ,apart 1000 fine for the first time. If the commuter repeat the same mistake for the second time, he would be sent to jail for one week and 2000 fine would be slapped.