Was Janatha Garage has become Victim of a Deal ?

rp_janatha-garage-3-weeks-300x205-1-300x205.jpgWas Janatha Garage has become Victim of a Deal ?.Jr.NTR Fans are very upset with the MAA TV for telecasting the first Television premiere of the film Janatha Garage at 5:30 PM on October 23rd.

Janatha Garage is still running in around 30+ theaters in Telugu states. And it is tragic that Janatha Garage is scheduled for a premiere this Sunday.

Even disaster flicks might take at least 3 months to air on TV. Then Why so Hurry for a successful running film to be telecasted within 50+ days of release?

The point here is to understand that, MAA TV acquired the satellite rights ‘Janatha Garage’ for a fancy price and Buzz that there was hidden deal between Mythri Movie Makers and Maa TV over sharing of revenues or paying the amount for Rights.  Unless the producers give a clearance , MAA TV cannot telecast the film.