Want to be the manager of Salman Khan’s official Fan Club?


The hunt starts today on Google+

And we just hung out with the Tiger of Bollywood ! Yes you read that right… After wowing audiences on reality shows and through his blockbuster films, Salman is all set to use Google+ to engage with his fans. The Tiger of Bollywood officially announced his new page via a live ‘Google+ Hangout’ on Wednesday, February 20.

 Apart from announcing his arrival on the Google+, the actor also disclosed that he is hunting for his most ‘Dabangg’ fan who will be the co-manager for his first official fan club on Google+; and no surprises when he says that the winner will be hand picked on the same forum by him.
 The most searched actor on Google in 2012, Salman is the first superstar to take advantage of the recently announced Google+ Communities to launch his Official Fan Club. Communities democratize the social web by creating multi-directional conversations where fans alongside the celebrity can also create new conversations. Salman is also launching the ‘Being Human’ page on Google+ where his fans can connect to contribute to the causes and get exclusive peeks at the latest merchandise.
So if you want to catch the latest from Salman, think you are his most ‘Dabaang’ fan – then head over and tell him on his his official G+ profile, the Being Human +Page and his official fan club (and fan hunt)

For more information, contact: Gayatri Ganesh / 9703700884