Vundavalli is a ‘Peddapuram Prostitute’

Vundavalli’s Rajahmandary’ Jai Andhra Pradesh’ Maha Sabha lead to frustration among Telangana leaders and also lead to shameful remarks.

Telangana MP Ponnala Prabakhar fired on Vundavalli calling him a ‘Peddapuram Prostitute’ and also said Vundavalli is waste fellow. He also screened some media clipping of Karimnagar’s Sonia Gandhi’s speech which was translated by Vundavalli at the press meet .

Meanwhile TRS also fired on Vundavalli, They screened clippings of late CM YS.Rajashekar Reddy’s controversial statements that ‘people of Andhra need visa to stay in Telangana’ and some clippings of TG .Venkatesh, cine-actor Mohan Babu.