Vulgar movie ‘Brahminsim’ turns controversial

Controversial Telugu Movie Brahminism turned out to be a third grade porn movie , instantly turned into a controversy by degrading a community by exhibiting Brahmin’s sexual desires. The trailer showed on media lead to big debate as the Brahmin community objected for targeting them by its title and showing a person involved in sexual acts reflecting  their community with a thread (janjam) on his body. They demanded instant ban on the movie and also arrest the makers for violating human rights.  Instead of showing Brahminism they showed vulgarity .Brahim community has taken this trailer very seriously and demanded a public apologies for showing a women so vulgarly on the name of Brahmanism . They also said they will not allow the movie to get released.

Producer Gangadhar said the movie was based on famous writer Challam novel “Brahinikam ” and he said he would make changes if it hurt the feelings of a community.

While, The movie is going to release on November 16th.