Vodka With Varma !!

Anything that has to do with filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma tends to be controversial or sensational. Off late, this sensation is happening high for his other activities than his films. A good news has come for the fans of Ram Gopal Varma. A new book is arriving and this has been named as Vodka With Varma.

The book is being released in two languages- English and Telugu. This has been written by Ram Srikanth aka Sirasri, a noted film lyricist turned film critic in the web media. It is heard that this is going to be a completely new and different perspective of Ramu with some hidden truths which were never revealed.

The book also has various issues such as RGV’s link-ups with women, how his family perceives him and few unforgettable experiences of the author with the moviemaker. The book is being targeted for a release in the month of August and it will be interesting to see if this will raise any controversy or sensation.