Vivekananda Reddy denied permission to meet Jagan

Although YS Vivekananda Reddy is making desperate attempts to meet Jagan in Chanchalguda, the jail authorities have been denying permission to him. This happened for at least two times and YS Viveka who is upset with the treatment he has been getting launched a 10 minute protest before the jail gate.

Why YS Viveka wasn’t allowed to meet Jagan, when other family members YS Vijayamma, Sharmila, Bharathi and Brother Anil were given permission. According to the rules, family members willn’t be permitted to meet an inmate not more than twice a week. As Vijayamma and Bharathi had already met Jagan on Tuesday, only one more mulaqat will be left for the week.

YS Viveka asked the jail authorities to give him a special permission to meet Jagan, not in the family quota. However, the plea was turned down as there was no provision to offer such permissions. So, Viveka has to wait for few more days to get his turn!