Vivekam Movie Review – Tests Wisdom

vivekamMovie: Vivekam
Cast: Ajith, Kajal Aggarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Akshara Hassan and others
Music: Anirudh
Photography: Vetri
Producers: Senthil Tyagarajan, Arjun Thiagarajan
Written and directed by Shiva Ratings: 2.5/5


AK (Ajith) is an Intelligence Officer, His job to catch professional absconders and kill them. He never does afraid of the enemy nor bows his head to be a loser, That’s his philosophy. Friends are his life. All four of friends are close to his heart. Among them was Aryan (Vivek Oberoi). As a part of the operation, AK goes to catch the criminal Natasha (Akshara Hassan). AK disappears in the process of exploring her. The intelligence department records declare him as dead. However, AK is not dead but alive. But what’s the reason for suddenly disappearing? Why Natasha had to be explored? On Whom AK launch his war? The rest of the story lies how AK prevents a destruction.


Ajith turns into south James bond. His acting is natural. He worked very hard in action scenes. Kajal Aggarwal is not a regular heroine and gave a memorable performance. Vivek Oberoi looks fresh on the screen. Although Akshara Hassan’s role is short she has also impressed. Since the film is a drama between Ajith – Vivek So, no other characters are elevated.


The film is technically superior. Complete film was shot in the abroad. The locations are mindblowing. Anurath’s background music is an asset for the film. Editing is very sharp. Action scenes are very well and stylish.


Vivekam is on par with Hollywood movies, it’s not only an action entertainer but the director Shiva has added some “Vivekam – wisdom” into it. The plot looks like an intelligent one with the protagonist – Antagonist mind games. It gives a feel as if we are watching a Hollywood film. The Natasha explore episode is an incredibly thrilling episode, that gives a tight breath. Even the climax episodes give the same feeling. But in many places, the film goes beyond the average viewer’s thinking. It gives a feel as for how is this possible? In this way, the director tested the intelligence of the audience. The twists in the film also look like bouncers to audience’s intelligence. The affinity between the husband and wife was shown convincingly which is an effort to reach the family audience. Many scenes have gone around technology and their terminology that is a bit confusing.

The opening action sequence, Bike chase, and interval block are on par or better than Hollywood Action Thriller. Director Siva proves again that he has a great taste for action. It has the Best Action part of Indian Cinema ever. A Top-notch International level action thriller with right emotions, visuals, and Grand Making.


  • Ajith
  • Technical
  • Action


  • Chaos
  • Clueless narration


Vivekam for Intelligent action lovers