Vishnu gave very costly gift to Mohan babu

Leading actor Mohan Babu is a happy man these days with his swanky white Range Rover. The luxurious new car is a gift from his doting son and actor Vishnu Babu, who dug deep into his pockets and shelled out close to Rs 1.43 crores for it.

An elated Mohan Babu was seen behind the wheels, taking a drive with his daughter-in-law Vini and his twin baby granddaughters. “He was happy not just because of the SUV, but also because he could take his little angels out for a drive,” says a source close to the family, who claims that Mohan Babu’s new ride is a customised vehicle.

“It took nearly five months to get the car ready; with the best features such as exquisite interiors, wheels and rims, specialised speakers, and a rear-view camera. It suits the bumpy Indian roads as it offers a comfortable ride. It’s also a good car for Mohan Babu who is quite tall,” adds the source. Although, the family already owns a Porsche and another Range Rover, the new car is exclusively for Mohan Babu who likes to travel.

Even though Mohan Babu always dreamt of owning a SUV, he initially declined to accept the expensive gift and his family had to convince him. “I used to walk a few kilometres just to save one rupee for my lunch,” he said about his humble beginnings. “He deserves a lot more than this as he has sacrificed a lot to bring us up. He gave us all the luxuries in the world, so this is just a small way of returning his abundant love,” says Vishnu Babu, who denies any special occasion for the gift. “Given a choice, I would give him a gift every single day,”he asserts.