Vishal comes for Nani support in Sri Reddy controversy

rp_vishal-285x300-1-285x300-285x300-285x300.jpgThe controversy between the actor Nani and actress Sridevi has now become a big debate not only in the Telugu film industry but also in South film industry.

Sri Reddy has made vulgar comments on Nani through social media and Nani has sent legal notices to her. Recently the Tamil hero Vishal responded to this dispute.

He said “I know Nani for a long time. He is a good friend of mine. At last, I do not support him blindly. Recently, the allegations made by her (Sri Reddy) are mistakable. Everyone who knows about Nani as how he behaves with other people will definitely deny these allegations. He advised not to make any allegations for publicity. This is what Sri Reddy is doing to personally target other.

Vishal said, All the film industries have a casting couch. Vishal made these remarks as part of ‘Abhimanyudu’ triumph. Abhimanyu is a big hit in Telugu with Vishal-Samantha in the lead.