Vishal comes for Kaala piracy rescue

kaala-piracySocial media has become a platform for piracy. Especially when a big movie releases, Facebook Live Streaming appear on the day one itself.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kalaa’ film has become a victim of such piracy. About 40 minutes of the movie was live online.

Actor Vishal came as rescue and initiated action against the piracy.T he culprit has been arrested. He took it from Cathay Singapore.

Praveen Tevar went to see ‘Kaala’ movie at ‘Singaporean The Cathedral’ cineplex. Shortly after the movie began, he shared ‘Kaala’ Live streaming through his FaceBook. However, Tamil hero Vishal who is fighting against piracy immediately responded to the matter and took the initiative make the person arrest immediately.