VIP sons & daughters in rave party

The Cyberabad police raided a rave party at a resort near Hayathnagar on Friday late night and taken 14 men and 20 girls into custody. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police D Nagendra Kumar, the City Police raided a rave party in Swagruha Resort near Hayathnagar where the girls were found in semi nude dresses with obscene acts. Along with 14 men, 20 girls were also taken into custody. The police taken them to Hayathnagar police station. Children of some rich businessmen and bureaucrats are believed to be among those arrested.

The DCP said that Devi Reddy Veera Narayana Reddy, a businessman from Vijayawada, has planned to give a birthday party to his friends and contacted organiser Akthar Mamoo for arranging a dance programme. Mamoo had arranged girls from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore in semi-nude dresses doing obscene acts. He also arranged call girls on payment for entertaining his friends as part of the party. Accordingly Akthar Mamoo selected Swagruha Resort for the party. The friends of Naranyan Reddy started enjoying the party from 11.30 pm by taking drinks and watching the obscene dances of girls in semi nude dresses.

In the same resort, three rooms were also arranged with air-condition and beds for the guests. Responding to a tip off, Hayathnagar police raided the premises of Swagruha Resort and found the youngsters enjoying the obscene dances of girls, and brought them to the police station. Police seized 15 cars, one air pistol, one air gun and one bike, pornographic CDs and condoms from their possession. The DCP said that owner of the resort PS Reddy and party organiser Akhtar Mamoo are absconding, while 14 have been arrested and sent to judicial remand the girls were sent to a rescue home. He appealed parents to keep a watch on their children and counsel them to stay away from such activities.