Vinayak planning to complain on Nithin’s father

vinayakAccording to the grapevine, director Vinayak is planning to approach The Telugu Film Chamber to campaign against Akkineni Akhil debut film makers – “Akhil The Power of Jua”.

Sources say, Vinayak is demanding for his balance remuneration from the producer of the film , Actor Nithin’s father Sudhakar reddy. Vinayak is yet to receive 4 Crore from producer. He was reportedly paid Rs 8 Cr out of the Rs 12 Cr and he also also adjusted Rs 3 Cr to a distributor , baring some losses from his pocket, which means that he just received 5 Crore as remuneration.

When Vinayak tried to approach the makers for rest of 4 crore , there is no response from them .