Vinayak aiming for a Industry hit with ‘Naayak’

Ace director Rajamouli gave many super hits in career but became Tollywood number one director only with Magadheera success .

Magadheera  became a industry hit just because of Ramcharan being son of Mega star Chiranjeevi. That’s the reason Allu Arjun risked so much money on it, even Rajamouli gave his full dedication with a hope that  the movie will be a grand success . And the audience gave it a splendid success with lots of hopes on Ram Charan’s potential.

VV.Vinayak on a par with Rajamouli had many super hits in his career , but waiting for a Industry hit,  At last got chance to prove his caliber with a sharp weapon in form of Rancharan’s Naayak in his hands.

Rajamouli with NTR’s ‘Yamadonga’ experience gave a Industry hit ‘Magadheera’ with Ramcharan. Hope Vinayak repeats the same as he has ‘Adhurs’ experience with NTR to give a Industry hit with Ramcgharan’s Naayak.