Vikram Goud’s wife confusing statements

shefaliCongress leader Vikram Goud’s firing incident has turned into the mysterious with the confusing statements of his wife Shefali.

She said that the two men came to their house and fired at Vikram. “After midnight, two assailants came to her house on the bike. One of them wore a helmet and another wore a mask, “she said.

She also told that She was driving the car took Vikram to the hospital. Her statement was wrong as the car was driven by some one else and not by her. She then told that they have organized a meal for poor in a darga which also proved to be wrong after a preliminary investigation.

She also urged media not to highlight the issue and Police have every information and they would reveal it.

Vikram suffered severe injuries, underwent surgery on Friday night. Apollo doctors said his condition is stable.