Vikram Goud turns Conspirator and Victim in gun firing case

vikram-goudFormer Congress minister M Mukesh Goud’s son Vikram Goud falls in own digged pit in the sensational gun firing at his residence, injuring him.

He has staged his attack to gain popularity and political growth in order to public sympathy in 2019 elections , hired  professional shooters and bought a weapon from Indore.

Vikram was fired at three rounds in the wee hours on July 28. His wife Shipali rushed him to the Apollo Hospital and lodged a complaint with the Banjara Hills Police

On her complaint police started investigating the case and recorded Vikram’s statement at hospital, He said unidentified persons wearing helmets had fired at him. But after investigation police found Vikram had plotted the attack six months ago and had hired two people namely Nandu and Ahmed Khan to execute the plan.

According to their plan skected earlier, the wepons was thrown in a Hakimpet tank and it was found. Vikram gave a deal of 50 Lakhs to the gang and repoedely gave 14 Lakhs .

Police finally came to understanding that the gun firing incident is nothing but a drama. The police registered a case and named Vikram Goud as A1, Nandu A2, Ahmed Khan as A3, Raju as A4, Murali as A5 and Rajashekar as A6.

Commissioner of Police (CP) Mahender Reddy disclosed the details at a press conference. Cases are registered under several sections of IPC .