Vijayendra Prasad faces embarrassment ?

vijayendra-prasadSenior Writer, the one who provided stories for super hit movies, Vijayendra Prasad has faced embarrassment once again as a director .

Vijayendra Prasad’s latest release Srivalli made with a budget of 7 crores has failed to earn profits for the producer . The director himself agreed that he could not make a high standard film.

‘Srivalli’ movie has been declared a flop, but the makers are confident to produce more films on their banner. Even Vijayendra Prasad said he would support them.

Earlier Vijayendra Prasad has given the story for a Kannada film ‘jaguar’. The movie was made with a budget of nearly Rs 25 crore with former CM Kumaraswamy’s son Nikhil Gowda. Vijayendra Prasad’s Rajanna was also a commercial flop.