Vijayawada ATM’s turns Any Time Sex centers

Vijayawada ATM’s  turns Any Time Sex centers

Vijayawada outskirts, where there is no signs of much public , nearly 30-40 ATM centers working have turned into Any Time sex centers.

These ATM’s are generally covered with black filament glass , so that no one from outside can view inside, this has turned into advantage for youth in Vijayawada surroundings. Love birds around these places are bribing the security guards of ATM’s and having their desires fulfilled in the ATM. when some one comes to draw money from ATM’s , The security guard will be informing them that ATM is not working .

Bank officials were shocked watching this sex dramas in ATM which were recorded by CC cameras installed in ATM’s. Police have decided to give a break for such illegal sex and they are now connecting these ATM’s CC cameras feed to police control room monitoring zone.