VijayaSai Reddy points Naidu over Tirumala ornaments

vijayasai-naiduYSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy was arrested by Visakhapatnam police. YCP leaders headed by Vijayasra Reddy went in a rally from the party office this morning with a strategy to clean up the ground where the TDP’s Dharmaporata Sabha was held yesterday in Visakhapatnam city.

Police intercepted those who were heading towards the ground and this led to the clash between the two sides. At the same time, Vijayasra Reddy sat on the road at the Krishna College on National Highway 16. Police have arrested him under section 151 as he did not listen to them over stopping of protest, he was sent to the police station.

YSRC MP MP Vijayasai Reddy made sensational allegations over Tirumala ornaments. He demanded to take up search operations at Chandrababu’s residences in Amaravati and Hyderabad within 12 hours, either by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or Telangana Police.

He alleged that most of the jewellery of Tirumala has been moved to aboard and some more ornaments are left at Naidu’s residences. He said, if more than 12 hours is given, Naidu will move all assets. Viajayasai is ready to resign if no jewellery is recovered at Naidu residences.