Vijayamma’s ‘Bible’ Controversy

YSRC honorable president Vijayamma turns into Christian preacher today, Vijayamma who tends to be a true Christian always carry a Bible in her hands  was accused of spreading Christianity on the name of party meetings where huge crowd gathers. Vijayamma trying to give an impression to the  people that,  Christianity is the true force which is saving her family.

In Vijaywada, A Telugu News Channel organised an informal meeting participated by political party leaders. Telugu Deasam asked her the need for carrying Bible as show off into public that too when Brother Anil is with her who is a Christian preacher and who always try participate in conversions of other religion people into Christianity .

Vijayamma as part of damage control immediately organised a press meet in Kadapa  with a Bible in her hand and explained that she believes in all religions and she has a habit of carrying Bible always with her as she tends to be Christian . she says she gets courage when Bible is with her.