Vijayamma Dilemma !

YSRC party honorable president YS Vijayamma is in dilemma whether to file a plea against Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra or not.

Vijayamma is facing pressure from her party leaders to file a case against Robert. Party leader are in a view that Vijayamma has filed a petition against opposition leader Chanadra Babu Naidu requesting CBI enquiry against him in court ,later that PIL was dismissed. And now party leaders want to file a PIL against Robert to show the public that there is no ‘Match Fixing’ between YSRC and ruling Congress.

But, Vijayamma finding difficult to go for this decision as her son Jagan bail is still pending , if she files a case against Robert,  she and her son may land in more troubles . She has to decide to bow before public interest or her son’s interest.