Vijay Sai wife’s sensational allegations

vijay-wifeComedian Vijay Sai suicide is full of twists, Vijay’s parents claim that his wife Vanitha Reddy is the cause of Vijay’s death. His wife Vanitha Reddy claims no connection with Vijay’s death. She also condemned Reports alleging that she was the reason for Vijay death.

She also revealed many unknown things about Vijay. She said, She met Vijay in a film shooting and both fell in love , later Married without parents permission.

After three years, there was lot of change in Vijay which lead to confrontation between them. That’s why they went to court for divorce. The case is currently in court.

She said, Vijay is coming to see her daughter every Sunday, with the court orders. Vanitha condemned Vijay accusing that she was doing prostitution in the selfie video. One can understand the worst of Vijay’s character.

She said, There were conflicts between them because of Vijay, Vijay used to maintain illegal relationships with many girls. Sometimes he used to bring girls to home,alleged Vanitha Reddy.She is not aware of Shashidhar who is the key to this case.