Vijay Devarakonda turns arrogant at Pre-release event

vijay-devarakond-Arjun-ReddyPelli Chupulu fame Vijay Devarakonda slams at critics and the censor at his upcoming film Arjun Reddy Pre-Release Event.

Speaking on the occasion he dedicated the film to Medical students. He said the runtime of the film is 3 hours but the audience will feel that movie run time is short.

Vijay displays some complaints against him that were posted on the social media, The one which was posted with a heading  “Talk of the hero’s overconfidence ” was highlighted.  Reacting to it in a  very arrogant manner Vijay said, ” I would like to apologize to no f*cking body because I don’t give a f*ck. What is overconfidence? , It’s a shame if an actor doesn’t have confidence,  Who will confidence other than me then? questioned Vijay.

He says “F*ck those who say to be humble with humility,  Put your chins up and say what you are capable off and show them what can you do. F*ck Humility and stay confident and Let’s change this shit”.

He also slams at the censor board calling it a nightmare, He said, “When I heard the story, I thought it’s not for kids, while acting, I had the same thought and when censor board gave “A certificate”, I wanted to tell them Thank You. Censor board asked to mute some words after giving “A certificate”. There was a scene in which a cuss word was required, but that word was muted. But You (audience)  have to give me dubbing when the scene is shown in theaters.

Vijay took rehearsals of that bad word in the pre-release event, where audience started shouting the word Ma*arch*od .