Vijay Devarakonda to enter Bigg Boss House

vijayAn interesting news leaked from the Bigg Boss season 2 show hosted by Natural star Nani. Crazy hero Vijay Devarakonda to enter the show. It is not for promotion of his upcoming release of ‘Geeta Govindam’.

Vijay is coming to the big boss house to promote the brand ‘Rowdy Wear’ which was recently launched. Vijay Devarakonda is likely to enter the house without a shirt.

Vijay Devarakonda is the brand ambassador for KLM Fashion Mall. This KLM is also an official partner for Big Boss Season 2. Vijay Devarakonda has been conducting a campaign with the ‘Rowdy Ware’ brand shirts. Huge cutouts of Vijay Devarakonda in shirtless as part of the ‘Rowdy Wear’ campaign is already on display. According to the KLM Fashion Mall, the ‘Rowdy Wear’ promotions are also to be taken to Big Boss House.