Victory Venkatesh turns lucky for Pawan

Hearsay in a rather superstitious Tollywood has it that Venkatesh is turning out to be the latest lucky mascot. The actor has to make an appearance on the sets of a film for the movie to become a blockbuster, we hear. Sample this for a bit of happy coincidence.

Venkatesh visited Mahesh Babu on the sets of “Dookudu” to catch up with the crew. Mahesh was going through a lean patch then with no hits in the last couple of years. The movie turned out to be a blockbuster. Again, Venky happened to drop in on the sets of Pawan Kalyan’s latest release, which has got a great response from the BO, lending more credence to the speculation about Venkatesh’s alleged ability to usher in lady luck.

Director Harish Shankar is all smiles when asked to comment about it. “I guess everything counts. Well, I am just pleased with the incredible reports the movie has been getting since yesterday. Yes, Venkatesh did come down and spend some time on the sets of the film. He is good friends with Pawan Kalyan. The two actors have a philosophical bent of mind and share an interest in such matters,” says Harish.

Well, going by the way luck seems to be working in Tollywood these days, we guess a Venky visit on the sets of NTR Jr, Rana Daggubati and Ravi Teja movies can help turn things around for these stars too.