Very Special Sunday for Prabhas

bbYoung rebel star Prabhas has said that this Sunday will be his best in life and would expect no better than this.

There is a reason for Darling Prabhas statement, It’s Because the film Bahubali 2 which brought the world fame to Prabhas to be the premiere on television.

Before Baahubali Prabhas star status was limited to Tollywood. But after Bahubali, Prabhas has become a big star in Bollywood. He has a huge fan following in the country.

The three versions of the Bahubali 2 in three different languages will be aired on regional TV channels today. That is why this Sunday is so special for Prabhas.

“Today, Baahubali 2 World Wide TV premieres are going to be aired, It is going to entertain you all,” Prabhas said in his Facebook post.