Vennala Kishore declares Gabbarsingh records

What published earlier about Gabbarsingh’s 10 days  Records  proved correct.  We have reported that GabbarSingh has collected 52 crores for 10 days and56+ crores for 2 weeks but with officials partners web sites declaring Gababrsingh 2 weeks collections as 52 crores for 2 weeks even we had to rollback  our post so that no one gets confused .

Reports say, There is lot of under reporting of Gabbarsingh collections is going on to gain exemption from IT . But with this kind of fake reporting Pawan Kalyan fans are  hurted especially as there is no one to come out and announce the collections officially.

Atlast from tollywood Vennal Kishore the actor has come up to announced the collections briefly  . he said GabbarSingh collects 52+ Crores in 10 days – All Time Record – PERIOD!!!!!   is what has published earlier. Thus 10 days proved correct.