Venky Fans finding hard to digest Rana !

Daggubati Venkatesh has made ‘Victory’ as surname with his versatile talent winning family audiences as major chunk of his followers. When many youngsters are sprouting from each celebrity families, nothing sin in Fans asking for a descendant from Daggubati clan and Rana was their only hope. Although Rana is rated as pure next generation actor with modern ideology, his selection of projects has sent Venky Fans to go down-hearted.

Now, the latest of ‘Andam’ stills from RGV camp with Nathalia Kaur and Rana going hardcore in luring poses is received well by some but when it comes to family sections, who have shown good admiration for Daggubati Venkatesh from years together are finding it hard to digest. Let us see, where will Rana’s career land in future…will he be a replacement to Venkatesh or carve his own niche?