Venkatapuram Movie Review – Thriller

venkatapuramMovie: Venkatapuram
Starring: Rahul, Mahima Makwana
Director: Movie Cast Rahul and Mahima Makwana
Director Venu Madikanti
Music Director: Achu
Production: Company Good Cinema Group Banner Rating: 3/5

Anand (Rahul) works as pizza delivery boy who is honest at his work. He had once rescued Chaitra (Mahima), a young college student, from hooligans. He starts liking her.But later Chaitra is found dead near a beach and SI Durga Prasad (Ajay Ghosh) starts investigating the case and Anand lands in a trouble. Who killed Chitra? How Anand comes out of the case? ..forms the plot.

Rahul plays his role with ease, He has undergone a massive makeover for the film and Mahima as a college student fits into her role effortlessly. Her expressions garner accolades. Ajay Ghosh is another interesting actor who has got a remarkable role. Kasi Viswanath playing a prominent role.


‘Venkatapuram’ is a new age thriller.The first half of the movie revolves around the investigation, with all evidence pointing towards Anand as the prime suspect. The interval bang raises the curiosity in watching the second half of the film and the makers have not brought down the anxiety levels and maintained the same flow till the climax. The twists of the first half are answered in the second half. However, most of the scenes miss logic.Sai Prakash cinematography is one of the highlights of the film. Director Venu has chosen a unique and impressive storyline and executed it properly without any boredom. Achu Rajamani’s music is good especially the BGM. The main drawback is the slow pace of the film.

out-and-out crime thriller