Venkaiah Naidu absence loss to BJP in AP

PurandeswariBJP’s leader Daggubati Purandeswari believes that the absence of Venkaiah Naidu in active politics is some loss to BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Jana Sena party leader Pawan Kalyan is successful in bringing the issue of kidney ailments of Uddanam to the attention of the AP government. Pawan Kalyan has the freedom to take any decision.

She said that Amit Shah wanted to strengthen the party from booth level. The alliance between the parties is not a contract between the persons and the central leadership will take appropriate decision on the alliance during elections.

She made it clear that her party will not make decisions for political gain but make decisions for the welfare of the people.

She also faulted the govt for denying permission to Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabam , it’s against person’s freedom. Reservations will be given following rules and state govt will also move forward in such direction.