Venkaiah criticises Telugu TV channels on Gold issue

rp_venkaiahnaidu-300x225-300x225.jpgUnion Minister for Information and Broadcasting, M Venkaiah Naidu once again reiterated that No tax to be imposed on jewellery and purchased out of disclosed income.

He said His government would not spare those who have acquired huge quantities of Jewellery in post demonetization period.

He said,” A well orchestrated campaign is let loose by certain Telugu TV channels about Gold. Don’t worry, no woman’s gold will be touched. The enquiry is about the gold purchased in KGs after 8th Nov midnight and only that will be scrutinised.

I urge upon all people, particularly the youth, to counter this dis-information campaign. As some of them could not come out openly and criticize the move against black money, they found a new way like this to defame PM Modi and defeat his fight against black money”.