Varun tej will get nuisance making fans : Puri

Varun-Tej-Loafer-censor-ReportDirector Puri Jagan after taking on Pawan Kalyan fans with his recent remarks against them, He now claims that Pawan Kalyan is his GOd .

At the “Loafer” platinum disc function in Vijayawada, Puri addressing the shouting Pawan Kalyan fans said, “Pawan Kalyan may be powerstar to you, but for me he is God”.

He further said, Soon Varun Tej will get such crazy shouting, nuisance making fans after he becomes a Big star. He said, Loafer is a family entertainer with mother and son sentiment.

Earlier, Puri Jagan said that, Pawan Kalyan should tell his fans that they can’t do this kind of nuisance in events,Because of those fans Pawan Kalyan is getting a bad name. The fans don’t have any common sense and he should tell them through Twitter.