Varun Sandesh turns sperm donor

The story of Vicky — the sperm donor is going to be recounted in Tollywood. Madhura Sridhar  planning to remake Bollywood hit Vicky Donor. Sridhar has reportedly clinched the deal for Rs 30 lakh.

“It’s a perfect new-age entertainer with a topical plot which is narrated in a hilarious manner. The touching resolution is another high point of the movie. With a bit of tweaking, it could be adopted for Telugu viewers; but I request you to wait until the official announcement since I am busy with another film,” says Sridhar.

An industry source claims that producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj is also interested in remaking it and has promised to co-produce it. “Both the director and producer met recently, discussed a few names and zeroed in on actor Varun Sandesh to reprise Ayushman Khurana’s role. They are looking for a comedian to play Anu Kapoor’s part.” “The Punjabi family in the original film might be changed into a Telangana family and the Bengali one into Vizag family; but the soul the original film will be retained,” he adds.