Vanitha released nude photos of Vijay Sai

vijay--saiAnother twist in Actor Vijay Sai’s suicide case , His wife Vanitha Reddy has relieved Vijay’s so-called real identity in her selfie video .

In her video she released some photographs of Vijay Sai very close to another girl. She claimed that she is not absconding and in the process of collecting evidences to expose Vijay Sai real face and will soon surrender to the police.

She claimed that She did not do anything wrong and she is escaping from police for the sake of her child’s future. The has condemned all the allegations on her including Vijay sai’s last selfie video which claims that Vanitha has demanded money from him.

But Vijay Sai’s father said those photos are morphed and these were submitted in the court . If those are real photos , Vanitha should also name the girl who is in the photo.

He also said, Vanitha Reddy playing this drama as part of the play. Here demanded her to say how she earned or got assets that are allegedly with Vijay ?.He also expressed the incontestability over the arrest of Vandita Reddy.